Defense Claims Act

If you or someone you know works as a contractor or for a company that is a contractor to the U.S. Military or Department of Defense then you need to know the following information.

Workers and contractors who labor on U.S. military bases and areas of conflict around the world work in very dangerous environments. When these workers are hurt or injured on the job the results can be devastating. Congress recognized the need for special protection of these workers and created the Defense Base Act. This act extends the benefits of the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act to any non-military employee working on a U.S. Military Base.

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What is an Injury Accident Plan?

No one likes to think about the unthinkable. It is not pleasant to consider what might happen if you or a family member were involved in an incident and were rendered unconscious or incapacitated. Worse yet, what if you were killed? Unfortunately, the unthinkable happens to someone each day. Disaster can and will strike.

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