Injury Accident Plan Longshoreman

If something happens to me while I am working at the port or in the shipyard and I am unable to communicate, please contact the following people and do the following things:


  1. Call the president of my union hall and let them know what has happened.
    my president is: __________________________________________
    mobile phone: ______________________________________
    home phone: _______________________________________
    If you cannot get in touch with the president of my union hall,
    call the vice-president of my union hall.
    my vice-president is: ______________________________________
    mobile phone: ______________________________________
    home phone: _______________________________________
  2. Call an attorney experienced in the LHWCA and injuries to Longshoremen. One attorney is: Robert Underwood of the Underwood Law, LLC. His phone number is (904) 493-6088 or (904) 891-5877.
  3. Get someone to take photos of where I was hurt and what I was hurt on.
  4. Make sure my doctors understand that I am not covered by State Worker's Compensation. Under the LHWCA I am entitled to choose my own physician.
  5. Do not let the port or shipyard officials talk to my doctors about my medical care.
  6. Get a copy of my Living Will or Advance Directives. This will tell my doctors how to handle certain life or death medical procedures.
  7. In the event I am deceased or die before I am able to communicate, please get my Will and contact an attorney who handles estates and/or probate matters.

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What is an Injury Accident Plan?

No one likes to think about the unthinkable. It is not pleasant to consider what might happen if you or a family member were involved in an incident and were rendered unconscious or incapacitated. Worse yet, what if you were killed? Unfortunately, the unthinkable happens to someone each day. Disaster can and will strike.

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